2014 Best 10 Reminder Apps For iPhone

The Reminder Apps app in iPhone got a significant renovation in iOS, with location-based signals and Siri incorporation resulting in quite a mix. Since then though, factors have gone a little silent. The app hasn’t been absolutely flat, as there were a few important developments in iOS 7, and iOS 8 guarantees to carry a

Top 7 Speed-Reading Apps for iPhone & iPad

“To read faster” is an everlasting pursuit for every studying creation that has ever resided in the world. Not to blend off in record or technology but there’s been some really extensive improvement in knowing rate studying. Many designers have taken some of these training, used them to their applications and created what can quickly

How to Overclock an Asus HyperTransport Settings

Overclock your Asus motherboard for higher performance.HyperTransport is a technology used in Asus motherboards with AMD pc chips, which combines the main CPU with the various other mother board elements and eventually decides the CPU time speed. You can overclock your Asus mother board by increasing the HyperTransport regularity using the options in the innovative

How to Schedule WordPress Database Backup to Dropbox Account

If you are looking for some device that is professional to connect between all your gadgets and records, SyncMate comes in the focus, perfecting the synchronization between Mac, PC, Htc  gadgets, Windows mobile, PSP gadgets (game), your Google account that controls your connections and calender notices, all in together. You might be considering that you

5 Best Expense Tracker Apps for iPhone

If you can monitor your expenses consistently, you can actually decrease your expenses and begin preserving. But it’s so difficult to actually monitor down every one of your expenses and keep a tab on all of it. That’s where expense trackers come in useful. “There’s an app for that” performs well when we are referring to expense

2014 Best Color Apps for iPhone

The ever-expanding whole world of iPhone apps comes with plenty of goodies for color fans. As you read through present the 25 best color apps for iPhone. For color scavengers Color Identifier ($4.99) uses the camera on your iPhone or iPod touch to speak the names of colors in real-time. Cliqcliq Colors ($2.99) offers most of