Best Three Video Editing Apps for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

We dislike to crack it to you, but nobody wants to look at your 17-minute video clip of your two-year-old studying to hop. It’s the same that nine-minute movie of your cat fighting its own representation. Even the two-minute video clip of your intoxicated buddy dropping down an escalator is a lengthy time. Cut out […]

7 iPhone Apps to Help You Learn to Dance Easily

Dance at events or groups can be a scary probability if you don’t have any coaching in (rhythmically) shifting your whole body to songs. And searching for sessions to understand isn’t much less terrifying. But even if you have two remaining legs, there’s a professional dancer hiding somewhere below your epidermis — and an app […]

Do Investment Time: 25 Best Inventions Of Year 2014

We would like the end of 2014 to fill you with wonder and amazement, just like the ejaculation to any year should, so we’ve taken a take a look at TIME Magazine’s annual round-up of the year’s best inventions in an attempt to reassure the technology loving world that innovation and creativity has been present […]

How to See Correct iPhone Cellular Signal Strength On iOS 8

Even during this day and age of superior smartphones bordering high-spec cameras, NFC and other such pleasures, we’re still forced to concentrate on the bare basics, like battery storage and comparable requirements. Cellular coverage persists to be an issue, and regardless of the fact that the iPhone signal bars offer a mysterious idea as to […]

Easy Way to Enable Hidden OS X Yosemite Settings

For just a power user associated with a software or operating system, the very first logical desired destination is settings or preferences, which effectively tell you all that you’re able to do with the said system. The majority of the times, however, a software is not targeted specifically at power users; in fact, almost all […]

How to improve Security of your WordPress blog

Running a blog Guide video sequence, I am going to talk about a very easy technique to enhance the protection of your website, and make it more harder on online hackers to compromise into your website administration area, you should do this right after setting up your new website because you really don’t want to […]

Use your Phone as a Scanner with Scanr

Use your cellular cell phone’s camera as a sanner where ever you go.ScanR  is a assistance that allows you quickly catch information from document records or whiteboards and quickly digitalize it Step 1: Use your mobile phone or digital camera to photograph documents, whiteboards and even business cards. Step 2: Send all images to scanR […]

How to Make a Small Solar Panel at Home

Many small residential solar sections (<30 Watts) are provided with no accessories and often do not even have any gaps in their supports (if fixed with a frame) which can be used. There are however many ways of linking these sections securely and securely with no damage the screen or the outer lining area to […]

How to Make Free Call From iPad and iPod

I was going to begin an research to see if I could ditch my mobile cellphone for monthly and only use an iPod Touch to connect. Most of my interaction is now done through Google Talk about nowadays and I hardly use my speech moments from my wireless provider. The Whistle Phone seems to have created this […]

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