Apple Shows How to Create Apple Watch Apps

If you are ardent Apple fan desperately awaiting the company’s first smartwatch in early 2015, take comfort in the news that developers of all sorts are now able to code apps for the device. Really that is certainly thanks to WatchKit, the tools and guides package that Apple just launched to allow developers to take

How to Overclock an Asus HyperTransport Settings

Overclock your Asus motherboard for higher performance.HyperTransport is a technology used in Asus motherboards with AMD pc chips, which combines the main CPU with the various other mother board elements and eventually decides the CPU time speed. You can overclock your Asus mother board by increasing the HyperTransport regularity using the options in the innovative

Norton Identity Safe: One of the Best iPhone Password Manager App

There have been several well-known security password managers for the iPhone (and for iOS in general). 1Password, for example, is very well-known cross-platform application. Over the decades though, there’s been a huge stage of complexness in these security password managers. I’ve had to move angles more regularly than ever just because factors got complicated with security

Top 4 Apps to Read e-Books on Your iPhone

If you’ve not yet been confident to swap paper and print for a portable library (aka. a Kindle, Nook or Sony Reader), probably you can be assured to give these half-way houses a try. The following apps are free, user-friendly and uncomplicated and offer a fantastic range of additional features that no block of paper