How to Create Folders in iPhone

Create folders within the iPhone, iPad and iPod and arrange the icons with your home screen by using these steps. 1. Run over to a home screen exactly where no less than one of the icons are stored. 2. Touch and hold any icon on-screen until finally they wiggle, then released. 3. Drag an icon

Apple Sued Over Software Lock on AT&T iPhones

Apple company has become the focus on of a new court activity this few days. iPhone entrepreneurs Zach Keep and Johnson Buchar registered a putative category activity lawsuit court activity against the company on Saturday over the handset’s software secure. The two victims are declaring that Apple company breached the Sherman Antitrust Act and Electronic

Best iPhone Bluetooth Speakers

I like docking channels but Wireless Sound system are better. That’s because I can use my iPhone while still being able to flow songs out of the speakers – and I don’t have to be in the area either. When we discuss iPhone 5/5s Wireless speakers, we’re not particularly working with Wireless speakers developed for

How to Make Bootable USB Drive for Windows 7

WINToBootic is a free and simple to use software.It makes bootable usb of Windows in just 4 simple actions. from iso computer file Follow these steps to make bootable of Windows7 1:-Download and install WINToBootic.   2:-Choose your usb device and drag iso file of windows7.Download windows7.Click on Quick Format   3:-After that click on

WordPress SEO Tips and Tricks

Position for Invisible Keywords: When using Google’s keyword Tool and key word tool you will probably come across many of the same keywords that every other professional finds.  The key is to break out of the load up and find keywords no one is really competitive for. One of the best methods to do this

Best Interactive iPad Apps for Kids

The iPad is a device that goes beyond age. And when it comes to entertaining applications for children, the iPad is right up on the top as the most-favored device that ever was. You will find loads of activities and knowledge applications for children on the App Shop. The iPad delivers a whole new stage

10 Best Handwriting Apps For iPad And iPhone

Note making and Hand-writing applications are regarded to be the remarkably desired productivity applications from both Play Store on Android and App Store on iOS. These applications actually help the user in many was making his day to day life significantly much better than what it should be. In the below I have provided some