Best iPhone Cycling Apps for Bikers

The iPhone, as we’ve seen, is an amazing gadget for health and fitness enthusiasts. From awesome health and fitness apps to uber-useful health and fitness accessories built around the iPhone, this market is live and kicking all the time. Besides running, riding a bicycle is one of the simplest ways to stay fit and healthy

In focus: World Earth as Seen by Meteosat’s MSG-3

Wired Aperture, Photography, Pictures, World Events,scientific,space Technology MSG-3, the third unit in Meteosat’s second creation of weather satellite tv, has securely made its way into orbit, where it taken its first picture of the world World. The satellite tv is seated in a geostationary orbit straight above the lines of 0 levels longitude and permission,

Best iPad Mini Games for You

Well-known activities designed for the iPad are now doing quick obtain figures on the iPad Little. The 1024px quality isn’t exactly bad when it comes to the visual outcome. The p are small but the details is wealthy enough nevertheless which creates activity playing on the iPad Little excellent. Game designers have been quite enthusiastic