6 Easy Steps to Install Android on iPhone

For those who have got an iPhone, absolutely are a little bored with iOS, and you are fascinated in moonlighting with Google’s Android operating system, you are able to dual boot Android and iOS side-by-side on your iPhone in a few somewhat simple steps. What are the Material You’ll Need All you will need to

Best Way to Increase Android Phone’s Battery Life

Top-notch Android smartphones like the HTC ,Samsung,LG,Nokia,Sony and some other mobile are really highly effective, but unfortunately, they really don’t have limitless battery life. In fact, many Android phone customers would be satisfied to make it via a single day, expecting that a every night recharge is adequate. However, it sometimes isn’t really. A variety

Top 10 Alternatives to Paint on Mac

Applications such as paint can be very useful, especially for those who are very much into changing pictures. Applications as such could be used to modify primary pictures and including some factors such as sayings or another picture. There are a lot of programs in the marketplace that provide so many functions that can help customers

How to Unlock iPhone 4.3.2 with UltraSn0w [Tutorial]

The iPhone Dev Group has modified the UltraSn0w discover device with assistance for iOS 4.3.2. You can use PwnageTool to jailbreak your iPhone and protect your baseband for the newest UltraSn0w discover. The newest launch of UltraSn0w does not assistance new basebands, it only repairs interface problems with already-unlocked iPhones. In this guide, we’ll explain