Top 50 Productivity Apps for iPhone

Over the decades here at Techknot, we’ve mentioned a lot of applications that you can use to enhance your overall productivity. There are certain ones that many of our members and publishers (past and present) have implemented over the long-term — there are always the stalwarts that keep around. But there are also new applications

Benefits of Drupal Multi-Site

Drupal is one of the most well-known open-source cms, or CMS, used to develop and handle sites. According to W3Techs, as of the time of book, Drupal is the back-end for technological innovation for 1.8 % of all sites existing. Aspect of Drupal’s reputation is that it is extensible and scalable, and can be used

5 Best Backup Apps for iPhone and iPad

Choosing the best back-up app for the iPhone is fairly simple, because there’s really only one option that’s amazing: PKGBackup. It needs a jailbreak, but if you want the job done right it’s worthwhile. PKGBackup Features Back up to an address book contact or Dropbox Schedule backups to run whenever and however frequently you want

Top 10 Best Calendar Apps for iPhone

No one has a day adviser any longer and it is very difficult to find schedules anywhere nowadays. As these visible representations of the development of the times begin to vanish from our work stations and office workstations, they have been changed with smart phone based schedule applications instead. These applications are quite flexible too.