Nokia Lumia, PureView Waterproof Smartphones

Nokia has released new nano technology features which it plans to include in future Lumia  Waterproof Smartphones and Pure View smartphones. The Finnish company presented a new Suprehydrophobic technology at the release event of the Lumia 610 in London recently. According to Nokia’s VP of NW The European union, Connor Stab, the new technological innovation

Best WordPress Plugin for Related Posts

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Best Passbook Compatible Apps for iPhone 6 Plus

Passbook can be an extremely useful device for saving everything from getting on goes to commitment credit cards to present certificates and more. Unfortunately, the App Store doesn’t make it so readily available applications that are Passbook suitable. While there is a list, it isn’t modified very regularly and overlooks a lot of great finds

How to Register Your Own Website Domain

How To Register Domain Name,How To Register Website,How To Register Hosting,Buy New Domain,Buy Hosting,register Domain Name,register New URL,buy Domain Name,register My DNS Even if you’re not quite ready to release a snazzy new web page, applying your own web page sector address is the first thing to creating your own corner of the online world.

10 Best Apps For Your iPhone 6

iMovie iMovie allows you either to add awesome results to just about any 240 fps video you have taken with your iPhone 6. It also allows you to modify an whole movie. With the iMovie app expansion that is aspect of the new upgrade, you can add cartoon headings, filtration, and even soundtracks to any

Best Calendar Apps for iPhone: Plan your Future!

While the built-in iPhone Calendar app is fresh and efficient, it’s not the right Calendar app for everyone. That’s where the App Shop comes in. There are several really excellent Calendar alternative applications, and they can all tie into the same iOS Calendar data source, so all of your sessions, activities, birthday parties, and more