How to Protect Your Privacy When Using Smartphone and Tablet Apps

Some mobile users don’t think about protecting their privacy, assuming that Mobile Application developers have the proper precautions in protections in place. But that’s not always the case. In fact, many smart phone and tablet apps automatically share your data with social networks and other applications. If you’re not careful, you could end up broadcasting

8 Best Email [Apple, Gmail,Hotmail,YMail] Security Tips You Can Share With Friends & Colleagues

Email isn’t a safe and sound medium—it comes with risks, the two to your privacy and to your computer. Okay. Now that’s out of methods, we can get onto eight tips that anyone—no matter how tech savvy—can use for improving their email security. Send them to your family, friends, colleagues, or any individual else who

Total Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a memory hogging application and despite of me being on Knownhost VPS, which is a highly effective VPS hosting, I have been experiencing many issue with recovery time and website slowness at periods. The purpose for is, my VPS is not absolutely enhanced for hosting WordPress websites and either I need to be