How to Enable 3 Finger Zooming on iPad

How to Enable the capability to zoom in or zoom out on iPad by dragging 3 fingers up and down on the screen. 1. Open the Settings app. 2. Select Accessibility. 3. Select Zoom. Enabling this setting will allow you to definitely drag 3 fingers down the screen to zoom out, and up to maximum  […]

Total Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a memory hogging application and despite of me being on Knownhost VPS, which is a highly effective VPS hosting, I have been experiencing many issue with recovery time and website slowness at periods. The purpose for is, my VPS is not absolutely enhanced for hosting WordPress websites and either I need to be […]

How to Verify WordPress Blog in Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools informs  inside report of how users find my website through Google. In my point of view, Webmaster Tools is like an ECG device that shows the pulse rate of internet traffic – Google being the center.To be able to use this free assistance by Google for your website, you should confirm them […]

YARPP : Best Related posts WordPress plugin

YARPP :Yet Another  Related posts WordPress plugin  Relevant content on any weblog is very useful from visitors and bounce rate perspective. An associated publish tool, reveals the most carefully related publish to the subject, people is studying. Different WordPress plug-ins uses different strategy for displaying relatedness and one of the best WordPress tool which I […]

10 Ways to Lose Weight by Snacks

Got cookies? How about chips? Snacks, biscuits, ice lotion, sweets cafes, and biscuits are the most well-known goodies. It comes as no shock that they are usually our greater nutrient, greater fat or glucose treat options. Do you feel accountable when you get a treat attack? You are not alone. Eating has gotten a bad […]

How to Secure your WordPress Blog

How to Secure your WordPress Blog,Wordpress,Wordpress Security Tips,Protection,Wordpress Security Plugins,wordpress Security,Wordpress Site Security,Blog Secure,Secure Website   #1. Login with your email address When you set up a WordPress weblog, the first individual is known as “admin” by standard. You should make a different individual to control your WordPress weblog and either eliminate the “admin” individuals […]

How to Install & Set up W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin

How to Install W3 total cache: Look for for W3 total cache from add new plugin under WordPress dashboard and set up this plugin. Make sure to uninstall super cache cache or any other W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin if you are using.     Download: W3 Total Cache Plugin Read: Best WordPress Cache Plugin After […]

WordPress SEO Tips and Tricks

Position for Invisible Keywords: When using Google’s keyword Tool and key word tool you will probably come across many of the same keywords that every other professional finds.  The key is to break out of the load up and find keywords no one is really competitive for. One of the best methods to do this […]

How to Renew a DHCP Lease on a Mac

DHCP appears for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, and is widely used to set up system gadgets so they can connect with one another. Generally you will have a DHCP hosting server (like a wi-fi router), and customer devices on the regional system (like a Mac, iPhone, PC, etc) that take a dynamically allocated Local IP […]

How To Get Your Cash Back With Expense Cloud Mobile Application

Mobile Cloud Solution, Mobile Cloud Applications, Mobile Cloud Computing,finance,money,money Management,mobile Cloud Store,ExpenseCloud When you travel for business relevant visits, you probably know how boring it can be to keep a record of trip, food, resort, and enjoyment costs. It often needs you to keep in mind to get invoices, tallying them up and offering your […]