How to Compile PHP on Linux

I recently tried to compile PHP4 and PHP5 with OCI8 help help of PHP manual comments; I was able to compile PHP4 & 5 with success on Linux. How to Compile PHP on Linux follow these steps: - Download PHP original - Download Oracle Instant Client - Download libxml 1. Install the Instant Client RPMs using: […]

Unlimited File Sharing and Storing Websites on Online

According to Google’s  search engine optimization positions, only 2 of the top 10 most frequented  file giving websites are related to BitTorrent. This is not to say that torrents are not still popular, but five years ago the situation would have been quite different.File Sharing Networks Cyberlockers are the reason for this move in file-sharing […]

How to Upgrade iOS on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

You always want to create sure you are using the newest edition of Apple’s iOS on the iPhone, iPad or iPod. There are two methods you is capable of doing an update. Over Wi-Fi 1. Make sure that your device has been fully charged and the Wi-Fi connection is granted as enabled and connected. 2. […]

Top 10 Very Best Web Hosting Companies

Here I have described top 10 Best Web Hosting. these are the most cost-effective and efficient web website hosts for you. Although there are many web website hosts offering web area at very low price but these organizations are the best of them. You will absolutely satisfied with the assistance and assistance of these web […]

5 Twitter Tools to Unfollow Non-active Users

Bulk Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users Apart from all this one factor is also essential that we unfollow Tweets customers who are non-active because such users’ improves depend of Tweets customers we are following and they hardly offer any useful details. Thus here are few Tweets Resources which will help you to unfollow non-active Tweets customers. […]

How to Hard Reset Linksys Router EA3500

If you are feel tough and faced any problems with your Linksys EA3500 by when you are hard reset on the device. Here simple tutorial i provides you . Soft Reset If you think how to restart the router,below I provides two methods you follow any one. 1. Press one time and release him the […]

How to Add Administrative Tools to Windows 8 Start Screen

You can find administrative tools in Windows 8 by search, but if you want to see them as flooring, a quick setting up will place them all on the Start display. In Windows seven, energy customers could show management resources on the Begin selection. Now that Windows 8 has done away with the Begin selection, […]

iTunes: How to Switch Back to US App Store

Whenever i viewed an app which had been in the U.K. version of the iTunes App Store, I faced difficulty switching back to the U.S. App Store. Every time you switch, you receive a message like. OTHER PEOPLES READING: How to Change an iPhone From One iTunes to Another iTunes Apps Apple personally Tested now […]

Feeds with RSS Footer WordPress Plugin

RSS footer plugin is an essential and crucial plugin for WordPress to add linkback to your WordPress post, when someone copy your post using automated RSS submitting.  With the increase of Blogging and it’s becoming an easy way to make income from Home, plagiarism is also growing. People copy someone content to make income from […]

How to Install MAXCDN With Wp Extremely Super cache Plugin

Cache Plugin CDN,CNAME,Content Delivery Network,how To,MAXCDN,Page Load Time,Tutorials,Wordpress Tutorials,wp Super Cache Whenever we discuss boosting up WordPress weblog, one of the most suggested tip is to create CDN on your website. Establishing up CDN for once appears to be like a rocket-science but in actual, you can quickly set up MAXCDN within moments of perform. […]