15 Incredible Windows Phone Apps that don’t Cost a Penny

Ms windows negative people out there would explain the Ms windows Phone Store as a lonely scenery, gap of any form of brilliant app life when compared to the lusher Android operating system and iOS environments. But they could not be more wrong. Search for and ye shall find. And in this situation, you don’t […]

Best Apps for Watch Live UK TV on iPhone/iPad

It was the day Britain was enjoying against Nigeria on the globe cup. I was generating to my friend’s home to look at the experience but I was trapped in quit and go visitors in a little personal street. I had never tried to look at stay TV on iPhone so I believed let’s see […]

10 Funniest iPhone Apps for iPhone 6

When you are down and the globe has converted its returning on you, what do you do? Achieve for your iPhone and encourage yourself up with a look at the newest, most hilarious new Applications available of course! This content will explain to you the top 10 most hilarious Applications around which are sure to […]

10 Most Annoying iPhone Problems: How to Fix Them

Everyone knows that the iPhone is a great new technology, however that doesn’t mean that it is not without it’s problems. From low battery life to outrageous predictive text alterations, there are actually times when we finally just want to smash it against the wall, but we can’t because its screen is just so breakable! […]

5 iPhone Apps That Might Help You Become A Famous Singer

But assume I got really serious about solving my regular ‘vocal stylings’? Perhaps I really desired to win the X Aspect or something like that. Which applications might be able to help the suddenly-ambitious-version-of-me get popular, and how? I’m a musician. That indicates that I perform. It doesn’t mean that I’m a particularly good at […]

How to Share Files Between iOS and Windows Phone

Download Feem on both iOS and Windows Phone devices. Ensure that the iOS and Windows Phone devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Open Feem on both devices. Wait for the app to scan for peers. All devices running Feem on the network will show up in a list. Now tap the right arrow […]

Apple Shows How to Create Apple Watch Apps

If you are ardent Apple fan desperately awaiting the company’s first smartwatch in early 2015, take comfort in the news that developers of all sorts are now able to code apps for the device. Really that is certainly thanks to WatchKit, the tools and guides package that Apple just launched to allow developers to take […]

6 Best Sleep Apps for Non-Sleepers

Well, that’s not the Things way. We have applications and devices for our getting time, so why not convert to technological innovation to enhance the high top quality of our snoozes? We’ve curved up six applications that guarantee to do just that. Sleep: we invest a third of our lifestyles doing it, but most of […]

Best Way to Read Comics using these Comic Apps

The joy of surfing around dirty comic strips in dirty back-street shops will never die, but nowadays there’s also a bright electronic way to get your DC or Amazing fix. Sequential Successive is a comedian app for the more critical audience. Its selection is intensely curated and probably a bit deserving, but you can assurance […]

How to Design your Home Best using these Amazing Apps

Thankfully that applications have modified the process: you can now beautify, change or convert an entire area, from the shades of the surfaces down to large of the furnishings, all from your smart phone. Designing the house hardly ever goes to strategy, mainly because there’s a big distinction between how wonderful factors look in your […]

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