What Online Gamers Should Look Forward to in 2014

Advancement in the gaming world and online field has made tremendous changes that have enabled the players to enjoy a world full of glamor and enchantment. They are now able to get themselves involved with internet gaming in an effective way. Games of the latest trends and styles have replaced the old traditional games and the gamblers can look forward to the most advanced games in the coming year, i.e. 2014. The most urbanized next-gen games for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are going to create a history.

The Division by Tom Clancy

To be made public the next year though PS4 and Xbox, the games of the latest order will highlight the strength of the disciplined ar

The Division by Tom Clancy What Online Gamers Should Look Forward to in 2014

med forces to bring piece to the disturbed city of New York. The in-game UAV with the tablet is going to be used for locating the enemies and providing supply to the team, represented by the participants.

Project Spark

Project Spark What Online Gamers Should Look Forward to in 2014

This particular trendy game will be put on the website through Windows 8, Xbox 360 and Xbox One during the coming year. This remarkable online game is going to hit the lines and attract thousands of players who will experience unbelievable customization. They will be benefited with the use of Smart Glass, Kinetic motion controls and voice commands that will fill them excitement. The AI of almost all the objects can be easily modified. The facility of building any game, e.g. from RPG to card game will be an added advantage through these platforms of gaming.


Titanfall What Online Gamers Should Look Forward to in 2014

To be released during spring the next year, Titanfall will come into being through PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms. The innovative gadgets and weapons store will be penetrated by the players representing the soldiers. This unmatched game will enchant the players fully.


Knack online games What Online Gamers Should Look Forward to in 2014

To come on the website in Nov, 2014, Knack will be released through PS4 and it is expected to hit the gaming world with a bang. Knack too will win the hearts of the players who will be able to see multiple objects growing in sizable buildings that will suddenly drop down and shrink.


Destiny Hunter HD Wallpaper What Online Gamers Should Look Forward to in 2014

This new game will come into being via PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms. To be released in 2014, Destiny is certain to fulfil the expectations of the gamblers as far true fun in a comfortable environment is concerned.

The online gamers should look forward to the following glamorous games too, the next year.

The Crew

The Crew game hd images What Online Gamers Should Look Forward to in 2014

To be available in the beginning of the next year, this astonishing Online gaming will be released through Xbox One, PS4 and PC platforms. It will be a reliable source of total fun and joy for the online gamers who love gaming.

Quantum Break – Expected to penetrate the hearts of the gamblers, this marvellous online game will be made available through Xbox One platform during 2014. It may prove one of the best online games.

The online gamers may see some other developments also as regards the creative advanced online games during the next year.

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