Best Tips to Secure Childrens from Digital Threats

There were times when bullying or harassment was not really an issue and it had some limits. With the growth of technology bullying also came to the digital form and has started ruining the personal lives of people on web one or the other way. Children are most vulnerable to fall the victims of the digital harassment or bullying. So let’s take a look at the top 5 kinds of digital threats that your children may encounter in 2014.

Danger of Digital Bullying

Though there are several other sources of digital bullying but the most awful part is being played by the social media. You must be aware of the activities of your children on Facebook or Twitter. Make sure that they are not being harassed by anyone online or they’re not posting their embarrassing images themselves. You can avoid such situation by using different kinds of cell phone spying software to monitor their activities on their smartphones if you feel the situation is getting out of control.

Best Tips to Secure Childrens from Digital Threats Best Tips to Secure Childrens from Digital Threats


Threats from Digital Predators

No doubt that your children who are in their teen age, can easily fall in hands of digital predators. Therefore you have to keep an eye on your kids’ online activity. Try not being persuasive first, use good excuses to read children’s message history, try talking about dangers of being on web and talking (and meeting) with strangers. Trust is very important in the family, especially with its youngest members.

Digital Games – Another Threat

Digital games are also the threat for your children. First of all,usually they aren’t more than time waste. Secondly the other gamers may obtain the personal information of your children by using different tools that can be used to harm your family. And the last threat of online games is their ability to influence people, especially young online users, to spend their money to unlock different achievements to move further through the game. Today many of such entertaining activities are scam, so it’s better to check which games your child loves playing.

Threats from Inappropriate Web Content

Pornography is the biggest issue that is related to the dark side of the digital world. Don’t let your children fall into its addiction. Use parent control programs and plug-ins to control your kids’ browsing – there are tons of decent tools that block inappropriate content instantly.

Sex Related Texts & Images

Most of the teenagers are involved in sending sexual text messages to someone – the activity so popular it got a name – sex-ting. When kids are into that sensitive age, you have to be careful. So start monitoring their message history through secret spy software that download logs of sms, or start a careful talk about dangers of going for sex-ting, not to mention of sending messages to strangers.

The bottom line is that your today’s children may get involved in all kinds of troubles due to the huge influence of latest touch devices and gadgets. You can track them down easily and monitor their activities to make sure that they are not involved in any kind of things that involve cyber-crimes and also regular teenage issues such as doing drugs, missing school, etc.

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