How to Wipe Out Your Windows 8 Synced Personal Settings from SkyDrive

As Microsoft considers modifying the design of the new operating system, loyal users of Windows have accepted the new entry in the Microsoft family. Since its launch on October 26, 2012 Windows 8 has not been able to give Microsoft the profits it had expected. For the company who’s Windows licenses bring in half of its profits, the situation in the market was almost depressing. Gloomy PC sales forecast declare more trouble for Windows 8.

Even though Windows Blue has not been able to build a fortress against the computer and internet monitoring software, loyal customers still turn to it for a great digital experience. Windows 8 provides a feature to its users in which they can sync settings across PC’s using SkyDrive. While this is a very useful feature as you can make use of your desktop themes, lock screen and background, saved passwords, IE history and various other things on several computers, it is more practicable for those owning several devices. However, a user might want to wipe out all their previous settings and start afresh but even after refreshing all the settings, when the user logs in to their Microsoft account the settings start synching from the cloud all over again. For users who would like to start from a clean slate, Microsoft does provide a way to remove all the settings on cloud.

Erasing settings from cloud

To delete settings you must visit and a page presenting you options to do so. Before selecting the ‘Remove’ option on the page, make sure that you have turned off syncing on the Windows 8 PC’s that are involved. If you skip this step, all the settings will start syncing again even after you have removed them. Here are some instructions that you need to follows to wipe old settings out completely:

wipe out your Windows 8 synced personal settings from SkyDrive How to Wipe Out Your Windows 8 Synced Personal Settings from SkyDrive

On the left side of the screen, a Settings icon will catch your eye. Select it and then select More PC Settings. Then click on Sync your Settings and then turn off Sync Settings on this PC.

Then repeat all these steps on all the PC’s and then log in to your Microsoft account.

Proceed cautiously

Before you remove your settings, be very critical about your decision. Consider the pros and cons and make sure that you remember that once you have removed the settings, they cannot be retrieved later on if you want. The only way you can get back the settings you have deleted is by not turning off synching. That way the settings will start synching again as soon as you sign into your Microsoft account.

The deleted settings cannot be retrieved and maybe that is the reason why reaching this page is known by very small amount of people.

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