How to Make Your Android Phone Look Like Ubuntu

Have you ever heard we have a Ubuntu phone heading to the market sometime soon? Well, if you happen to be big fan of Linux, you are able to give your Android the Ubuntu look and feel right now.

Not at all, this may not be a tutorial on installing Ubuntu on your phone.We’re going to talk about some makeup changes to your Android OS to simulate the Ubuntu Touch interface, practically nothing more.


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Launcher Theme

The least difficult method to change the theme of your Android is by installing a home display screen launcher that supports theme. The home display screen launcher we suggest for this is ADW.Launcher considering that there is a Ubuntu Theme available. However, if you might be using other launchers like Nova and Apex, it’s also possible to use themes made for ADW.ubuntu-android-theme

Right after installing both ADW.Launcher and the ADW Ubuntu Theme, you will require to activate the theme in the home screen launcher settings. As soon as you do, make sure you see some modifications to the application docking station at the bottom of your screen. It’s easy to proceed to the Wallpaper section to choose a Ubuntu-like background for your home screen.

Unity Launch bar

The Unity Launch bar is a different useful part of the Ubuntu desktop. To add this to your Android desktop Screen , to start out two options available to suit your needs. Unity Launcher and Glovebox. Both are excellent choices to add the launcher sidebar. Both are free and have paid upgrades in case you really like them and want more features.

1. GloveBox

When installed, GloveBox will prove to add the launcher docking station to the left side of your display screen. You can include up to 6 apps into it in the free version. To access the launcher dock, run your finger from the left screen’s edge when it comes to the middle of the screen. Without choosing up your finger, slide it toward the top or bottom to highlight the app to open and put out your finger to open the app.ubuntu-android-glovebox

2. Unity Launcher

Unity Launcher offers almost all of the same features as GloveBox. A number of the variations are, with Unity Launcher, there are additional locations to access the launcher bar, not only the left or right side. There is a setup tutorial going for walks you through the process of adding apps and the way you use Unity Launcher. Whenever you drag the launch bar open, it stays open. You might also need the choice to add more than 6 apps in the free version. A different thing I like is the area used to drag out the launch bar is larger with Unity Launcher.ubuntu-android-glovebox


While these cosmetic changes are certainly not the same as actually running Ubuntu on your phone, it can benefit you to get by until the actual release is available on a phone you can buy. When you have a rooted device, there are actually apps out there to help you install Ubuntu on your Android. If you really want an actual Linux OS, you are able to try out some of those for now.

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