Bank of America Account Types and Account Features

Bank of America financially offers more than 10 special account types it is full and fully targeted to people because people’s what features are expecting according to that created those account types: Current account, Savings, Business, Health, Checking, Money Market, Stock, Military, Mortgage and Merchant Services. From these accounts Current and Savings account features will be suitable to commonly every people, so most of them using or choosing this account type.In current account had some more interest for your account balance.

For savings account you have to keep up minimum balance $100 on your account, after you choosing any account types that is suitable to you then you can get online banking features from Bofa in online banking features you can manage your account yourself anywhere using Internet connection. Now Bank of America added features apply online banking on online if have any help you can contact Bofa representative from these two toll-free numbers 1800421000, 18009440404.

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Bank of America Checking Account

Bank of America customers most of them using checking account because these features suitable to using self-service purpose.On checking account can get access to you account yourself after you got online banking features from your bank.

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Bank of America Savings Account

Savings account was mostly using personally like educational students and children’s because to growth their money after saved to bank, interest will be boost up their fixed balance for fixed days. In this accounts have more benefits provides to customer people’s, you can contact your account manager to provide personal lo-gin ID and password to get access to your account online.

bank of america Bank of America Account Types and Account Features

Bank of America Business Account

Not only choose business peoples to open business account normal peoples also using this account for to check Economy checking, Business features, Business analysis, Business Interest .Bofa provides special account security features for business account and also mange online account after enable online banking features.

You can use your account no limit for withdraw and transactions because business purpose may send more money to any people or anywhere so Bofa access this features business account. Business account holders may call bank of America representatives any time on toll free numbers 18002285882.

Here have some other account types you can check to Bof website or contact your bank account manager.

  • Student Account
  • Mortgage Account
  • Merchant Account
  • Military Account
  • Stock Account and etc.

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