Bank of America Accounts

Bank of America provides several accounts with a variety of advantages and state-of-the-art features providing the best convenient way in handling the accounts. The lender provides records like Checking account, Savings, Funds Market, Health Savings, Stock, Mortgage, and Take into account Business, Student, Vendor Services, and Army Account, etc. The Checking and Savings Account provides several advantages with competitive prices along with making interest reward prices for the determining account. The online banking service helps one to access their account on the internet and get username and passwords like stability account balance, transaction history at any time and anywhere. One can also sign in and set up automated payment or transfer options from one account to another. Learners cheaply can open a savings account with minimum balance of only $100 and reduce costs for their future while one still earn a degree. An eBanking account is the most popular one for students and one can apply on the internet or call a Bank of America associate at 1-800-432-1000 between 7: 00 am and 10: 00 pm, or 1-800-944-0404 24/7.


Bank of America Checking Account

Bofa provides Verifying Accounts such as eBanking, MyAccess, Advantages with Tiered Interest Verifying and Small Business Verifying Package to various individuals, learners, those under 18, and to the entrepreneurs and companies. One can see below the several advantages provided by these checking accounts:

  • eBanking: It is a bank verifying account for self-service customers. The lender needs no lowest balance and expenses no per month servicing fee if making deposit or trying to withdraw using online assistance or ATMs. One can also generate up to 20% cashback each time he/she uses debit card on purchase.
  • MyAccess: It expenses no per month servicing fee if a typical everyday balance of $1,500 or more is managed in the account. Moreover one can get a frequent saving account when he/she reveals a new personal bank checking account and join Keep the Change. The bank offers free Bofa Visa Debit Card.
  • Advantage with Tiered Interest Checking: The bank provides internet banking service with invoice pay, 100 % free Visa Debit Card with Complete Safety Protection and Image security, handle money on the internet, by phone or ATMs without any fee. One can also earn 20% each time one uses their debit card on any purchase. Also provides special rates on CDs, IRAs, choose loans and collections of credit.
  • Small Business Verifying Bundle: Ideal for start-ups and entrepreneurs. There is no charge for first 150 assessments paid and deposited items on Business economic system Verifying Account and no monthly servicing fee. The lender provides internet banking services with bill payment on the internet. B of A also provides 100 % free Visa Debit Card. Bank of America provides a range of reward for the marketing of these various checking accounts. One will see the account marketing 2013 with various reward requirements like $75, $100 and $20 offering for starting a new checking account at boa.

Bank of America Savings Account

Several Advantages and CD Records are made available to the individuals like students and even for kids or children. Savings Accounts like Expansion Cash Market Savings, Regular Advantages, Risk 100 % free CDs, and Featured CD provide a variety of advantages including interest amount reward, fixed return of CD with penalty-free access to one’s money and no monthly fee and great APY amount. Bofa through various provide code offers a number of advantages for those opening new accounts at Bank of America. One can, using the discount value or the provide value as the lender has indicated, apply for an account and acquire these benefits. With online service one can easily implement and be helped not only the offered reward but also account’s lifetime benefits. The account manager can verify all personal account details and can update the account information. To acquire this upgrading of personal account information by the account manager one will have to provide personal login name and password.

Bank of America Business Account

One can choose the type of Business Verifying account that is right for them. Bank of America provides Business Verifying Records like Business Economic system Verifying, Business Advantage, Business Interest, and Complete Research Business Verifying. Having a bofa’s business checking account, one will get internet financial alternatives with 24/7 account access, up-to-date username and passwords, endless payment of invoice and business and personal account all at one place. The lender guarantees full safety actions against scams and identification scams.

Individuals can set up a vendor account with bofa Merchant Services and can through the credit card vendor account agree to charge or check bank cards as well. For current Merchant Services account one may contact 1.800.228.5882 and to open a new Merchant Services account contact at 1.866.538.3827. Whether for people, entrepreneurs or companies, Financial institution of This country’s Wellness benefits account provides a intelligent and practical way for preserving cash to help them decrease medical relevant costs whether for themselves or for their workers on a tax-free foundation. The Bank of America Benefit Solutions through easy and cost-efficient accounts like HSAs, HRA, and FSA can help accomplish to a large degree.

Closing a vendor account at bofa is never a problem, but if at any course of time one wish to shut the account because of its insufficient information or alternatives, the lender’s associates can still give its best support. One may contact at 1.800.622.8731 for any support with regards to bofa’s account. To near the account one will have to publish his/her demand in composing to account Ending, FL1-300-02-07, 4109 Gandy Blvd Polk Fl 33611-3401.

Bank of This country’s Client Service associates are available from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm seven days a week. Clients of bofa can at any time make queries about their accounts and all accounts relevant information such as lender’s redirecting variety, exchange restrict and use of account’s finance calculator by contacting the variety which is given on each declaration or on the lender’s assessments. For more information on Bank of America Records and their opinions, and to know information of available rates please sign in to the formal website of the bank.


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