Bank of America Legal Department Address and Phone Number

Bank of America Lawful Department, also known as the “Legal Department” is accountable for managing all the legal issues as well as the legal threats of the organization and its subsidiaries. The Lawful Department of the bank is managed by a group of extremely expert in-house attorneys and outside advice who are dedicated to the achievements of the organization and to advertising high requirements of moral performs and affordable solutions. The in-house attorneys of the Department are always ready to collaborate closely with outside advice and get completely engaged in legal issues managed by the advice.


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Bofa Lawful Department usually maintains outside advice to be able to deal with the legal threats and issues of the bank and its several subsidiaries. Moreover, several Outside Counsel Techniques have been created to help the authorities of the department and outside advice to deal with the legal issues of the bank more efficiently. It is important for a law company or an individual lawyer to conform to these measures to be able to perform efficiently with the legal department. Failing to conform to the procedures may outcome into nonpayment of the legal accounts to the law company. The lender may further stop its connection with the law company if the later constantly is not able to follow the procedures.

In case if the Lawful Department employs you to perform as outside advice then you are recommended to use the Outside Counsel Techniques as a information to perform efficiently with the bank. As part of the Techniques, the law company should create an itemized involvement or a agreement with the bank and all the legal actions should be controlled by the conditions of the involvement. The above procedures are relevant to all the attorneys and law companies providing legal solutions to the organization. Moreover, the law companies working with Bank of America should create sure that all the attorneys, management, legal staff, office and other staff are offered with a duplicate of the Techniques before starting any legal perform. More extensive information on the Outside Counsel Techniques can be had from the website of the bank.
Bank of America Legal Department Address
555 California Street, 8th Fl
San Francisco, CA 94104

Though, the Legal Department of Bank of America is based in San Francisco, California, it is has its offices in Los Angeles, Florida, New York, Seattle and Chicago.

Bank of America Legal Department Phone Number:

The information of the Lawful Department can be acquired from the formal website of the bank. Through the following contact number, customers will be able to get support on several legalities by speaking with a associate or a attorney of the department.

Legal Department Phone Number – 415.622.9688
Fax Number: 415.953.8153


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