Bank of America Savings Accounts

Bank of America Savings Account can help you make some saving of money. A wide range of Bank of America savings Accounts are offered to potential clients of the lender. These savings Accounts offer attractive attention rate that allows you to earn huge attention on your savings. The bank has certain account starting requirements which the clients are required to meet up with in order to open their desired savings account.


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Bank of America Savings Accounts

As the lender offers several types of benefits Accounts, you can choose for the one that will suit you best. If you want to start your benefits plan with a low balance then go for a frequent financial Account from Bank of America. You can open this Account with just $25 and your funds are FDIC covered. Regular financial Account comes with convenient features like quick and simple Account access for remains, distributions and exchange at Bofa ATMs and financial facilities. You can get username and passwords through Online Banking and set automated benefits exchange using your bank verifying Account.

Bank of America Savings Account Interest Rate

Bofa savings Account attention rate will differ depending on the type of savings Account you have with the lender. For instance, the attention is compounded and paid on monthly basis in a Regular Benefits Account. In this savings Account, generally of 0.05% and an APY of 0.05% are offered for all balances. Different rates are also made available for the various terms of Growth Money Market Savings Account by Bank of America Money market Account savings ranging from $10,000.00 to $24,999.99 could help you earn a profitable rate of 0.35% APY.

Bank of America provides no fee drawback for the first three months with a regular savings Account. However, $3 per drawback will be charged if the minimum balance is less than $2,500 after the third month. Bank of America also provides undergraduate savings Account for those undergraduate who want to start saving with limited funds. This undergraduate savings Account is FDIC insured and you can open it with a minimum opening deposit of $100. With this Account, one gets access to over 18,000 Bofa ATMs and more than 5,800 banking centers.

On the other hand, the lender provides Custodial/UTMA Benefits Account designed specially for youth. This Account has fast and easy application procedure that takes just few minutes. You can also use the online application to open a savings, checking or CD Account. Legal savings accounts are for kids who are under the age of 18 or 21 years. Bank of America sometimes provides offer code in terms of bonus while opening new checking and savings Account. There are also certain transfer and drawback limit which the customers are required to be careful of. To find further details on Bank of America Savings Account calculator, routing number and debit, log on to the website of the lender.


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