Best Android Mind Mapping Apps of 2013

When you are trapped in a line, driving the train, or awaiting your time and effort frame to appear, take out your smart phone (maybe an Android) and let your thoughts circulation on a mindmap.

Mindjet for Android

You can now use the new Photographic camera method to make map topics (and sub-topics) from images and annotate them. They can be quickly dragged and re-arranged around nodes and sub-nodes.


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You can use Android’s speech-to-text transformation function to get into topics on your maps so you can convert your ideas to perspective without writing. This appears to be really useful for those one-handed clinging on to the ties minutes. Though I would never suggest that you make a mindmap while driving.mindmap-android09

The relax of the evaluation still maintains good. So, let us shift on to four more Android operating system mind mapping applications that should help us produce better concepts.

SimpleMind Free Mindmapping:mindmap-android02mindmap-android01

The SimpleMind mindmapping app comes in two tastes – paid and free. The free edition of the mindmapping app for Android operating system has the primary features in place. You can go over the variations between the two editions here.

Mind Map Memo:mindmap-android03

Mind Map Memo fortunately comes with an shown help file which should help you start off. Tap on one of the nodes and move to make a new node in any route. You can add brands and modify along with of the node. Thoughts Map Memo also facilitates symbols for identifying the nodes. You can cut and copy chosen nodes and kid nodes, and then add it to another chosen node.

Mindboard Free:

Mindboard free goes away from the firm symbol centered strategy of most mindmapping resources and gives you a no cost streaming interface. You can make your thoughts map just by finger-drawing on your Android operating system product. The app reveals with a empty fabric (i.e. if you do not have any mindmaps on the app yet). Else, it will show your formerly designed mindmaps. While it may not experience very user-friendly at first, it is actually intended to be just that. Think side illustrating and you will get it.


Mindomo is a highly effective and a well-rounded Android operating system thoughts mapping app in an magnificently developed UI. But a term of caution…if you have a little display on your cellular phone, give this one a skip. Mindomo seems to be developed for Android operating system tablets though it clearly does not say so. If you can realize success for you, then I would position it between the leader Mindjet and the convenience of SimpleMInd. Mindomo is free on Android operating system, though you are restricted to syncing only three mindmaps with a sign-up. But you can perform off-line without any limitations.


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