Best Way to Connect iMac to Tv

This the time to enjoy everything on your iMac on your TV screen.You can easily connect an Apple iMac to any HDTV, if you follow these steps.

You should be sure will need to know what kind of video port your iMac has. The older iMacs which were made around 2008 and 2009 have a Mini-DVI port. When you purchase amini-DVI to HDMI adapter, you are able to connect these older iMacs to your HDTV.


In case you have a newer model, you are most likely dealing with a Mini DisplayPort. For this, you may use a Mini DisplayPort adapter to connect to your TV.

After you have the adapter you need, simply Connect any standard HDMI cable between the adapter and the TV. Connect the adapter to the iMac, and you are done. This is enough, no need additional hardware.

You should definitely purchase these kinds of adapters and cables from a computer retailer or an online store as the majority of the “big box” type of stores charge way a lot more than they should for these kinds of adapters.

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