How to Change Fonts on Sony Ericsson Mobile

You can easily  change the font on your Sony Ericsson phone.Sony Ericsson mobile phones feature a wide range of models, including mobile phones that run on the Android os. Among the features included on all Sony Ericsson mobile phones is the ability to modify the typeface on the main display and in settings food selection. You can modify the typeface on a Sony Ericsson phone by following a few steps.


Step 1

Turn on your Sony Ericsson mobile phone. Press and hold down the “on/off” button. The steps that follow use a general Sony Ericsson user guideline as a referrals. Please note that most mobile phones use the same process to change the font.

Step 2

Hint “Menu” and select the “Settings” option. From the “Settings” menu, emphasize and select the “Phone” option.

Step 3

Focus on and select “Display” from the “Phone” menu. From the list of display settings, choose the “Font size” option. Highlight the size that you wish, including small, medium or large. Touch “OK” to accept the font size that you selected.

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