How to Make My iPhone Number Appear Private

Choosing to hide your caller ID will block it for all calls.When you call someone from your iPhone, the getting celebration recognizes your contact number in their caller ID. However, if you regularly call someone to individuals outside of your group of friends, which might be the case with business calling, you may not want everyone understanding your contact number. To keep your iPhone number private, you can prevent your contact number from showing on other individuals caller ID show. On the iPhone there is a configurations option that conceals your number.


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Step 1

Tap “Settings” from your iPhone’s desltop.

Step 2

Tap “Phone,” then search down toward the end of the list.

Step 3

Tap “Show My Caller ID” to toggle between “on” or “off.” When off, your caller ID is blocked and individuals will not see your contact number when you contact them.


To temporarily avoid your number on a single contact, type “*67” instantly before the number.

To temporarily unblock your number, kind “*31#” instantly before the number. On some systems, “*82” also performs.


Apple: Contacts and Selective Caller ID Unblocking

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