How To Publish Blog Posts To Google Plus Pages Automatically

Google Plus, a social network by Google, is attaining new levels. Every now and then, they come up with cool new interesting features, tagging it as a full fledge social network. Just like we’ve Facebook or myspace Fan Webpages, Google declared Google Plus Webpages to advertise business and brands. But, the way we can distribute our weblog content, websites instantly to Facebook or myspace Webpages and Tweets and also now we automatically post your blog posts.

But here we’ve a technique on execution of which users can automatically force blog posts straight to Google Plus webpages with the help of RSS feeds. Apply it once and you are done for your lifestyle.


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Requirements to Automatically Publish Blog Posts To Google Plus Pages

  •     One Google Account with Google Plus Fan Pages all set up. Create one if you have not created one yet
  •     One Hootsuite account, this is a favorite web app using which one can handle all their social networks under one roof.

That is all about the requirements. Now lets continue with the actual functioning and set-up to automatically publish blog posts to Google Plus Pages.

Automatically Publish Blog Posts To Google Plus Pages

  •     I am supposing, you are done establishing up the Google Plus Pages and the Hootsuite account. Now, Sign in to your Hootsuite account.
  • Previously, Hootsuite does not used to back up Google Plus, but latest inclusion of the same, has assisted the overall content submitting in a big way.


  •     If you are new user to Hootsuite, it will ask you to add new Social Network accounts, basically add Google Plus to  it.
  • Once you are done including all your Google Plus information and Business Webpages, go to Hootsuite Settings.


  • Click on that wrench icon, located on the left. New pop-up will turn up.


  • Choose “RSS/Atom” from the left panel.


  • Click on the Plus button, and all the essential details to it, such as “Feed URL”, “Profiles to send feed item too”(in case, you’ve many), “Feed post frequency” and other details. You can also add a custom text message(20 chars max) to each feed, on top it also allows offer URL shortening service.
  • Finally, save feed. Make sure, the status is set to ON.
  • Now you are done setting up feeds in your Hootsuite setting, this will bring all your content post from your website via RSS Feeds and will push them to the specific Google Plus Webpages or information based on your settings.

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