How to Set Up WAP on an iPhone From AT&T Network


Moreover to using the AT&T or Verizon wi-fi mobile data networks for Web accessibility, all iPhone models have the capability to get connected to a WAP, or “wireless access point.” If you are actually in a public place that has a Wi-Fi Internet access point, or if you have one of these networks set up in your home, you can use it to get connected to the Internet in contrast to the mobile strategy that you pay per month for.


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Step 1

Tap the “Settings” application symbol on your iPhone’s on desltop.

Step 2

Tap “Wi-Fi” to perspective view a list of available wi-fi access points that your iPhone can identify.

Step 3

Tap the name of the AT&T wireless access point that you want to get connect with Your iPhone will be immediately connected with that access point.

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