How to Restore Deleted Apps on iPhone, iPad and iPod

Thanks to factors like iCloud, The apple company has created app handle much easier and trouble-free. Keep in mind there was a time period when, if you deleted an application, you had to either depend on an iTunes back-up or simply buy the app again if you desired it so badly?

Factors have modified a lot since that period. Now, if you delete an application, you do not have to fear or anxiety. Actually, I have deleted applications so many periods now that the whole factor has become very regular.


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If you deleted an application from your iPhone, iPad or iPod, you can restore the application very quickly. Re-downloading the application does not price you anything if you have already purchased the app. It all stores in the reasoning (on your account) so do not ever fear. Of course, create sure you have iCloud installation at all periods so that every inches of the details is securely saved somewhere.

How to recover and re-install deleted apps on iPhone or iPod Touch via App Store

Step 1: Open up the App StoreRecover-Deleted-Apps-from-iPhone-iPad

Step 2:Touch on ‘Updates’ from the menu at the bottom

Step 3: Touch on ‘Purchased Apps’Tap-on-Updates-in-App-Store

Step 4: Now, touch on ‘Not on This iPhone’ menu on the topTap-Not-on-This-iPhone

Step 5: Get the app that you deleted and want to re-install. Touch on the cloud symbol and the set up will start.

Step 6: On the other hand, you can even look for for the bought app on the App Store. When you buy the app (that you have already paid for), you will not be billed.

How to recover and re-install deleted apps on iPad

Restoring deleted apps on iPad is easier.

Step 1: Open up the App Store

Step 2: Touch on ‘Purchased’ from the bottom menu

Step 3: Through the menu on top, touch on ‘Not on This iPad’

Step 4: Set up the applications that you want returning on your iPad and you are done!

How to restore deleted apps from iTunes on iPhone or iPad

Step 1: Connect your iPhone / iPad to your Mac/PC or Laptop and get start iTunes.Restore-Deleted-Apps-via-iTunes

Step 2: Simply select the device (iPhone) and then tap on ‘Apps’ tab on the topClick-on-Apps-in-iTunes

Step 3: If you want all applications (deleted, set up etc.) on the iTunes list to be synced with your iPhone whenever you connect your iPhone to the pc, just click ‘Automatically synchronize new apps’Click-on-Automatically-Sync-New-Apps

Step 4: If you just want to set up one particular application, select the app on the Applications list  and just click “Install.”Click-on-Install-to-Recover-Deleted-Apps

If Wi-Fi synchronize is allowed, your iPhone will download the app even if it’s not connected  with your pc.

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