How to Shrink Images To Save Space On Your Android: Image Optimizer

You are always going to be hard-pressed to seek out an Android phone with less than a 3 megapixel rear-facing camera. The much better the camera, the larger the image is. The majority of images are stored on external storage[Memory card], but for those who take a lot of images, you might both need a really large card or need to have a way to make the images smaller. Since you do not want to lose the high quality of the image, you will need a way to better optimize it for storage on your Android. Image Optimizer will shrink images to save space on your Android.


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If you are always well known with GIMP or Photoshop, you could possibly be aware of an option called “Save for the Web“. Generally this feature compresses the image and gets rid of all the bits of information not needed within the picture although still maintaining quality. That is what Image Optimizer does for images on your Android device.

Here is an example of exactly what the compressed image size can be.image-optimizer-done

As you can view, the image was compressed to more than fifty percent its original size. Working with Image Optimizer to shrink images to save space is very easy. Whenever you open the application, you will certainly immediately see all of the images available on your phone or tablet. To decide on an image or images to optimize, touch on the image. When you may have each of the images chosen, click the button at the bottom of the screen to start optimizing.image-optimizer-select-images

This can be one of those unique applications which has one purpose and one purpose only. It’s actually not muddled with tons of extra features or options to weigh it down.

The default settings perform a good job of compressing the image. The compression setting is established to compress up to seventy-five percent. Based on the size of the image, this may take a little while. When you have multiple images it will take even longer. In case you need more compression or optimization, it is possible to go into the settings and increase the optimization level or compression percentage. Don’t forget these will increase the amount of time it takes to optimize the image.image-optimizer-settings

You will find a difference in the way PNG and JPG images are handled. With a PNG image about 600 KB, and most of the compression and optimization settings fabulous up as high as they would go, it had considered about two minutes to optimize the image on a single core processor gadget. After the image was optimized, the size of the image only went down about 100 kB. Even if this overall performance is really good, a JPG image will permit for much more size reduction.

As with every image compression, you can find generally the possibility of  the image being slightly altered or displaying a loss of quality. You are able to play around with the settings to identify a happy medium between the compressed size and storage of quality.

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