How to Stop Email Notifications From Social Networking Sites

With 2013, there are unlimited ways to keep in touch with friends and followers, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so many social media sites to follow and get connected with. But if all these social media sites are not managed properly, there may be possibilities that you may end up your e-mail options all filled up with social media sites announcements or notifications . And who can forget about the big rush of e-mail notifications in our in-boxes. That’s pretty frustrating. Isn’t it? Better, you should figure out how to stop e-mail notifications from various social media sites.


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Even if only one share or like to your Facebook reputation, they never skip there chances to tell you on your corresponding e-mail ID. It really is not only Facebook or myspace, same goes for other websites too. Tweets, Stumbleupon covers the list when considering to e-mail notifications on every individual action on your social media

How to Stop Email Notifications

But dealing with each social network and working on it is notifications settings is kind of time-consuming process. As said previously, now it is not only one or two social networking sites to follow. A big list, a user might have to go through, if she (he) selects to stop email notifications personally. Now I do not think you have that plenty of your efforts and energy and effort to deal with these things.

Luckily, we do have a web service Notification Control.. Using which, users can quit e-mail notifications from several of social networking sites just investing a moment at each. You can easily clear out all the an notifications emails you get from the social networking sites.

How does the Notification Control Work

Notification Control is a easy to use web service that contains the strong website link to all the social networks notifications website. Once you are signed in one of them, can use visit the notification setting website by a single click on and clear out the clutter you received in the form of unnecessary emails from these social networks.

So go to Notification Control.It contains the weblink of most of the social networking sites such as Tweets, Facebook or myspace, Google, Tumblr, YouTube, Foursquare, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and much more. And if, you would like to add your preferred too, then mail the developerr for inclusion demand.

So, check out it and obvious out the e-mail notifications from the social networking sites in a display. It is motivated by one of the identical web service known as Mypersmissions.Com. MyPermissions also works the same way, but it is used to fresh out the undesirable social media applications we usually add in our social network accounts.

Clean out unwanted Apps from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus

Visit it and you will get to know what it intended for. MyPermissions is nothing  but web browser plug-in which keeps a tight eye on applications that are using your social network information.

Check out MyPermissions and simply click the Download option. It will instantly identify your web browser and serve the suitable plug-in. For example, if you are using Firefox, it will instantly download the MyPermissions’ Firefox add-on. In the same way, if you are using Google Chrome, it will download the corresponding Chrome expansion.

One time installed it in your web browser you can decide grant or revoke the permission of any application that is related with your social network profile.

Both the solutions NotificationControl and Mypersmissions are value using and does not requirements much of your time. But helps you to save from lots of manual settings and permissions  to allow, thus improving your social network security.

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